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Metropolitan Library System Celebrates Black History Month

February 5, 2015

Metropolitan Library System Celebrates Black History Month

History is shaped by men and women who believe in concepts bigger than themselves. The world that we take for granted, and the freedoms we enjoy wouldn’t exist without their sacrifice. In order to commemorate these special historical events, celebrations are hosted each year, such as Black History Month.

During the month of February, black history is being celebrated in the State of Oklahoma. Local libraries are honoring this month with special plays and performances depicting influential people and occurrences that shaped the face of modern civil rights.

This coming Thursday and Saturday, learn more about the beautiful story of W. J. Edwards and his huge impact on the lives of many African-Americans in the early 1900’s. The Metropolitan Library System will be hosting the play with drama, dance and music to be performed by the Rhythmically Speaking, as founded by Dwe Williams.

The story of W. J. Edwards started in 1907, where an ordinance separated the blacks from the whites. Edwards used his influence to uplift the lifestyle of the African-Americans around him by building houses for struggling families. Edwards was also the first African-American to build a hospital in Oklahoma City for the black population.

Prepare to be amazed by the life and story of W. J. Edwards, coming Thursday to the Capitol Hill Library at 5 pm and at 2 pm on Saturday to the Downtown Library.

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