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Kitchen Glass Backsplashes: The Visible and Invisible Benefits

February 10, 2015

Glass back splashes are one of the fastest growing trends in kitchen design and remodelling. Whether you are looking to install a backsplash behind your cooker or across the full length of your kitchen surfacethis revolutionary glass construct can be manufactured in almost any size or shape. Glass backsplashescan be made to circumvent obstacles such as awkwardly located pipes, electric sockets and may even be integrated into the work surface itself.

Glass backsplashes are manufactured either in one piece or in large sections, with predrilled screw holes for easy installment. Sections of glass are attached to the wall by use of a secure bonding agent, making these improvements incredibly quick and easy to install in your kitchen. You don’t need to use messy grout while trying to keep lengthy lines of tiles even, and no cutting or chipping of any surface is required to work the frame around existing corners and edges.

Well-used surfaces, such as granite or wood veneer offer a wealth of cracks, crevices and seams that provide ideal locationfor bacteria, mould, mildew and germs to take root. This means that your kitchen work surface or backsplash could well be harboring millions of potential dangers to your family’s health. With glass backsplashes for kitchen, bacteria and mildew have no surface to cling to.

Glass backsplashes can also be wiped clean quickly and easily. Glass’s tile counterparts, however, prove to be more difficult to scour. This is primarily due to grout’s inability to withstand heavy scrubbing overtime.  If you’re looking for a kitchen transformation without spending a fortune, then glass back splashes are your next home DIY project.

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