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How to Check for Mold in Your House

March 25, 2015

How to Check for Mold in Your HouseKnowing that there’s a growing fungus inside your house can be disconcerting. Aside from it being an unpleasant sight, mold can be dangerous to your health. In order to ensure that there is no mold growing in your house, you should conduct routine checks of key areas.  If you find evidence of mold, remove it immediately, so it does not spread.

What’s the best way to check for mold in your home? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Check for leaks, especially in your roof and around water pipes. Where there is leakage, there is moisture, which means there is probably mold. When water is left sitting for an extended period of time, mold naturally starts to develop, so fix leaks immediately.
  • Check for water stains. If there are water stains on the wall, roof, or floor, mold is likely growing.
  • Keep an eye on places that are always near moisture. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most likely places for moisture, so check around your sinks, bathtubs, and hard-to-reach corners, where moisture and mold can collect. Also regularly check your basement and clothes washer.
  • Have your house vents and air ducts checked. Your ducts and ventilation areas experience a constant change in temperature, and humidity is high here. Since the air in your home enters through your ducts, you want to be sure those passageways are clean.
  • Check for areas with poor ventilation. The lack of proper air circulation may be due to mold buildup. This also applies to the exhaust pipes of your larger appliances.
  • Have a professional do a comprehensive mold check of your home. They can run tests to determine if there is mold growth and identify the specific areas where it is located. You can also try to do the test yourself using an in-home mold testing kit.

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