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Tips for How to Remove Bad Smells from Wood Furniture

June 12, 2015

Tips for How to Remove Bad Smells from Wood Furniture

Incorporating wood into your home interior design creates a natural and cozy atmosphere. Many homeowners even choose to incorporate wood and other natural elements, such as plants, as a way to commune with nature at home. Having wood furniture is a great way to achieve that.

Wood furniture has become a sough-after feature in many homes. It can transform a room into something more relaxing and beautiful. Unfortunately, however, not all wood furniture can remain in great shape forever. After several years of use and natural wear and tear, wood furniture can begin to visually deteriorate. It can also begin to smell bad, especially due to smoke, pet urine, and spills.

How do you remove these bad smells from your wood furniture?

  • Let it sit outside in the sun for a while. During the day, pull your wood furniture outside and let the odor evaporate from your wood furniture. Just remember to do it on days when the heat of the sun is not too strong; otherwise, it can make the wood brittle and easily break.
  • Add a bowl of ground coffee beside your wood furniture. Coffee beans are known to absorb different kinds of odors. If you place these beside your furniture, they can absorb whatever smell there is. You can also use coffee grounds, which mean people opt to do, so they don’t ruin their coffee beans for drinking.
  • Install a dehumidifier. Such devices can help reduce bad smells not only in your wood furniture, but also from the entire house in general. Simply put the dehumidifier in the room, and it will reduce the moisture that contributes to the bad smell.
  • Use baking soda. Just like coffee beans, baking soda is also great for reducing bad smells. Pour a box of baking soda into a bowl and place it near your wood furniture.
  • Clean the smell off with wood soap. If you can’t get rid of the smell, you can physically clean it off. Wood soap is a special soap used only for wood that will kill and get rid of bacteria that may be stuck on your wood furniture and causing the smell. By using this, you won’t damage the wood when you clean it, unlike if you use general cleaners. Ask your local hardware store for assistance if you are not familiar with how to use wood soap.

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