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Ideas for Making Your Exterior Entryway More Attractive

June 16, 2015

Ideas for Making Your Exterior Entryway More Attractive

The space in front of your house leading up to your front door sets the tone for your home. When you have nice curbside appeal and a lovely entryway, coming home feels welcoming and relaxing. It brings a sense of comfort to you and also has the same effect on your visitors.

A well-dressed entryway can also augment the value of your home. If you plan to sell your house, remember that first impressions are everything. The exterior of your home will cause people to have an immediate emotional reaction, so you want to be sure that reaction is a positive one.

Below are a few ideas for how to make your exterior entryway more appealing:

  • Make your front door pop – Make your front door a focal point by painting it a bolder color like red, blue, or green. The biggest thing to keep in mind when choosing a color is that it go well with your architecture and overall ambiance.
  • Install outdoor lighting – Make our home more appealing even at night. You home will come off as elegant and well-maintained when highlighted by soft outdoor lighting at night. It will also provide a great safety measure because when a house is well-lit, burglars are less likely to target it.
  • Adorn with natural elements – Use plants, stones, wood, and colorful flowers to decorate your front yard, walkways, and porch. Natural elements can create a fresh and serene ambiance, which instantly makes you feel more relaxed. This also keeps the air cleaner around your house.
  • Add something unique to your entryway – Aside from your front door, add something unique like a stylish mailbox, unique piece of garden art, or a stone sculpture.
  • Add outdoor furniture – Create a space where you can relax outdoors and have a place to chat with friends and neighbors. There are so many different styles available when it comes to outdoor furniture, so just be sure you choose something comfy. You can even add a small swing or hammock.
  • Make it clean – No matter how you adorn your entryway, if it is messy, then everything is in vain. A clean and well organized entryway will always be attractive, even if it is simple. Take the time to clean up dirt, debris, and falling leaves, so your entryway always looks clean and inviting.

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