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Tips on How to Reduce Allergens in Your Bedroom

June 23, 2015

Tips on How to Reduce Allergens in Your Bedroom

Having allergies can be a huge hindrance in your day. Instead of feeling comfortable and focused on what you’re supposed to be doing, you end up concentrating on how you can make yourself feel better. One step you can take to prevent allergy flare-ups is to reduce allergen buildups in your home.

To help you avoid allergies inside your bedroom, here are a few tips:

  • Wash your bedding at least once a week. This will prevent dust mites from accumulating.
  • Add a dust proof cover on your mattress and pillows you’re not using them.
  • Avoid having too many things inside your bedroom. If you want to display things, put them in the living room instead. Minimizing the number of items you have in your bedroom that can collect dust will reduce allergens and make cleaning easier.
  • Use wood furniture. Wood only lets dust sit on top and does not absorb it, so it makes it fast to clean, and you avoid having deep-seated dust remaining.
  • Keep fluffy and plush toys to a minimum. They accumulate tons of dust.
  • Clean your carpets several times a week, and even daily. Vacuuming regularly prevents dust mites from developing in the carpeting.
  • Vacuum your bedroom from floor to cabinets to ceilings. Vacuum dust, spider webs, and other dirt that may cause your allergies to flare up. Deep cleaning every now and then is important to eliminate allergens at their core.
  • Keep your bedroom air temperature regulated. Dampness encourages mold.
  • Opt for washable drapes and window treatments. This will make it a lot easier for you to clean them and remove dust. The lighter the drapes, the better, as there will be less crevices in which dust can hide.
  • Install air filters and regularly change them. Air filters help keep the air in your house clean and prevent dust from flying from your air ducts into your rooms. Regularly changing them ensures that they function well without impeding your heat and air flow.

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