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Effective Tips for Making Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

July 21, 2015

Effective Tips for Making Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Let’s say you have a small bathroom, but you either don’t have the funds or the structural capacity to renovate it to make it bigger. Instead of feeling disappointed, try exploring some ways to give it the illusion of being bigger.

Here are a few examples of things you can do to make your bathroom feel bigger without undertaking a large renovation:

  • Install large mirrors. Both functional and classy, mirrors can be an excellent way to make your bathroom feel larger because they reflect light, as well as everything in front of them, so it literally feels like your bathroom has expanded.
  • Add a medicine cabinet. This will provide an area where you can keep your toiletries and medicine bottles hidden from view. This will reduce clutter and create a cleaner, more spacious feel.
  • Install windows. Adding windows creates a wonderful source of natural light, which immediately makes a space feel larger. Having a view outside expands the visual realm of the room, and creates the illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it actually is. Windows also provide a great source of ventilation if you decide to make them movable.
  • Make it brighter. Add brighter lights, so every part of the room is bright. Dim lights make a space look narrow and closed in. Compliment your bright lights with bright and neutral-color walls.
  • Choose narrow shelves. Do not overcrowd your bathroom with bulky cabinets that take up too much space. Instead, make use of narrow storage that maximizes your vertical space. Go up, not out.
  • Add a floating sink. Floating sinks and those with small bases give the impression of a larger bathroom due to the extra space that they open up.

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