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Guide to Choosing Your Home’s Door Handles and Locks

August 18, 2015

Guide to Choosing Your Home’s Door Handles and LocksFunctionality and beauty are usually the two main guiding factors when it comes to what you put inside your house. You want to be able to easily carry out the tasks you need to do, but at the same time, you also want something beautiful that will enhance the look of your home. These two criteria also apply to your door handles and locks. Though they may be small details in your home, they can actually have large impact.

Below are some helpful tips on how to choose the best door handles and locks for your home:

  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of door handles. There are several types of handles you can choose from. Door knobs and door levers are most commonly used for physically opening and closing doors. Others include latches and pull handles. Door knockers bring you back to a more traditional time if you don’t want to have a doorbell.
  • Determine what you need. How much space is surrounding your doorway? Do you live in an area of town with a higher crime rate that requires deadbolts for added security? Figuring out what your particular needs are will help you streamline your door handles and other features to be more functional for you.
  • Do some research on your top choices. Research their materials and how they function. Looking into these types of details will also allow you to compare them thoroughly and will likely help you find the best price deal in the process.
  • Consider where you live. Do you live near the sea? Then, consider a material that is rust-free so it does not have to be replaced regularly. Know what kind of materials are ideal for the type of environment where you live because there are nuances in every region.
  • Check the surroundings of your door handle. Will its color blend well with your door and decor? Will its style fit the style of your home? Colors, styles, and textures are significant when it comes to the aesthetics of your door. Consider these factors before purchasing and installing anything.
  • Check your budget. Costs range greatly for hardware, depending on the material, style, and size you choose. Make sure that what you have chosen fits your budget. If it doesn’t, look for other options that are similar, yet have enough variations to lower the overall cost.

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