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No Smoking in Oklahoma Public and Private Schools Implemented

August 20, 2015

No Smoking in Oklahoma Public and Private Schools Implemented

Secondhand smoke is one of the leading causes of lung disease. Cigarettes are unhealthy for those smoking them, but the smoke they produce is also dangerous to those around them who breathe it in secondhand. Kids are particularly prone to this since they have less control over their surroundings.

To alleviate the negative effects of secondhand smoke, the State of Oklahoma is implementing a ban on using tobacco on school premises and at school-related events. Gov. Mary Fallin has signed the 24/7 Tobacco-Free Schools Act that will ban the use of tobacco at any time on both public and private school campuses.

The goal is to reduce the exposure of school-aged kids to the negative effects of smoking, and the new act will prohibit anyone from smoking or using tobacco products within the school, in school vehicles, and during school-sponsored events. The act applies at all times, even during after hours.

For colleges and universities, the school will designate an outdoor smoking area for adults. Though the law does not include electronic cigarettes or vapor products, Fallin is encouraging the schools to include these in their policies.

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