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Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Windows

September 9, 2015

Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning your windows can make a surprisingly positive impact on your home. For one thing, it improves your outdoor views and eliminates distracting streaks. It also eliminates the buildup of allergens along your window sills. Additionally, keeping your windows clean keeps them in better shape, allowing them to be more resistant to wear and tear over time.

Below are a few tips for cleaning your windows to ensure you are doing it thoroughly and effectively:

  • Use the proper tools. Do not just wipe your windows with a paper towel and consider the job done. There are certain tools and cleaners you should use to effectively remove stains and dirt completely.
  • Wash your tools before and after cleaning to prevent dirt from accumulating on your them. When you are ready to wash your windows, the last thing you want it to make them dirtier by transferring dirt from your tools onto the glass.
  • Wipe your squeegee clean after every stroke. This will remove the dirt you’ve already removed and prevent it from transferring back onto your windows. Keep a clean towel in your other hand to make this an efficient and quick step.
  • Remember to clean the corners. You can use a used toothbrush to remove accumulated dirt from the corners and deep window sill crevices of your windows.
  • Start cleaning from top to bottom. Doing so will prevent you from repeating your work. If you clean the top after you clean the bottom, dirt will fall down and make the bottom messy again.
  • Polish scratches. Fortunately, there are glass polishes that can remove scratches from your windows. Scratches make your windows look old and dirt, but by polishing them, you will keep them looking fresh and new.
  • Clean the screens too. Do not forget to clean your window screens, as they can accumulate more dirt than you realize. Screens trap dirt and other elements so they do not enter your home. But, if you don’t clean them from time to time, the dirt will accumulate, decrease your air flow, and actually cause allergens to flow into your home.

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