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What to Consider When Buying a Home Security System

September 28, 2015

What to Consider When Buying a Home Security System

Your home is your sanctuary and something that you want to keep safe at all times. It is where your family lives, where your pets are, where your possessions stay. Keeping your home safe has become easier these days thanks to high-tech devices that are used in home security. There are home security units that offer specialized and automated features that allow you to double up on protection for our home.

When purchasing a home security unit, here are a few features to consider:

  • Remote arm/disarming – If you see an intruder from a distance and you don’t have time to run to your alarm keypad and activate the alarm before they get inside, fortunately you can now activate it instantly with a remote arm/disarm. Many security systems now synch to your phone, so you can arm/disarm from anywhere. This is also helpful for letting family members or friends in if they have forgotten the code.
  • Panic button – A panic button allows you to set off your alarm with the push of a button. This notifies neighbors and the police immediately that there is something wrong, so they can come to your aid faster.
  • Wireless technology – There will be no risk of wire cutting if you go wireless with your security systems. Many intruders know the tricks of how to manipulate wires, so they can easily disarm your alarm in an instant. Wireless technology, however, connects your alarm unit to its source without wires, making it effective regardless of wiring.
  • Motion detectors – This feature is great if you have a large yard or live in a more secluded area. Motion detectors lights illuminate if they sense motion, so it immediately alerts you if anyone is near. You can add them to your front and back doors, as well as inside your house to monitor hallways while you are sleeping.
  • Security cameras – Are you afraid of going out and investigating who is outside your home? Fortunately, security cameras can do it for you. These give you a real-time perspective of what is going on outside your house, so you can alert the police if there is any suspicious activity.

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