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Oklahoma City Chosen to Become A Pilot City as Innovation Hub

October 29, 2015

Oklahoma City Chosen to Become A Pilot City as Innovation Hub

Being called an innovation district is a privilege for any city to increase economic opportunity. Innovative entities, corporate opportunities, and strategic planning are applied to enhance the overall functionality of the district. Through combined efforts, greater possibilities for success and community improvements come to life.

Oklahoma City has been chosen to become one of the first two pilot cities to become an innovation hub. The Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Initiative on Innovation and Place making is a collaboration project with the Brookings Institute and Project for Public Space.

According to Scott Meacham, President and CEO of i2E Inc, Oklahoma City will be turned into a pace-setting innovation hub that will connect people of different industries. It will be an opportunity to steadfast better research and lead to new jobs and economic wealth. Meacham calls it the Power of Place.

Oklahoma has been chosen because it already has a number of institutions to support the cause. There are advanced research facilities and universities that can help implement the vision of innovation. Some of the institutions involved will be the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma Health center, the OU Health Sciences Center, and a variety of other health institutions. Myriad Gardens, which was voted as the best Global Urban Open Space by the Urban Living Institute, will also be involved.

The vision of the innovation hub includes retail, housing, and restaurants, as well as the creation of thousands of new jobs. It will be a place to promote live, work, and play in one community.

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