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Getting Rid of an Ant Invasion at Home

November 10, 2015
Red ants on the wall

Red ants on the wall

We all make efforts to store our food in a secure way that will keep it fresh. Something that people don’t always think about when storing their food, however, is the importance of keeping it away from bugs as well.

We’ve all been there before, where a crumb of food has been left on the table, and the next thing you know, it’s being swarmed by ants. Getting rid of ants once they have arrived is always a challenge, but fortunately, there are effective and natural ways to expel them. Here are a few tips:

  • Watch out for scouts. If you see one or two ants on your table, they are scouting for possible food targets and will be reporting back to their colony. Kill them immediately, and secure any food in that area that could be potentially vulnerable to ants.
  • Use natural ingredients from your kitchen. Natural ant killers include lemon, cinnamon, sugar, water, borax, and even ant chalk. Create solutions with these items to spray on ants and eliminate them immediately.
  • Seal all possible entrance holes. If there are holes in your walls, floors, and ceilings through which ants can easily enter and exit, seal them with glue or caulk. If ants cannot get in, they cannot invade your food.
  • Use food as baits to kill them. Fortunately, there are foods that are not good for the ants due to their inability to digest these foods. Use coffee grounds and corn meal to attract the ants. They will bring these foods to their colony and will soon kill them all.
  • Hire a professional. If you cannot do the ant-killing on your own, hire a professional exterminator to come in and spray your home. They usually use chemicals, and it will come with a price, but it can be worth it to have them all gone from your sight.
  • Vacuum them up. If you see a trail of ants, vacuum them up and dispose of them in the trash. In order to kill them, add talcum powder on your vacuum first.

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