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Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Home

December 2, 2015

Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Home

The holiday season is one of the most exciting time of the year. It is when we can decorate our homes and enjoy a festive, cheerful ambiance. It is when we have extra special bonding time with our loved ones during get togethers and holiday celebrations.

But, the holidays can also be very expensive. There are presents to buy, decor to shop for, and events to attend. Nevertheless, there is no reason to not decorate your home and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Below are some tips on how to decorate our home for the holidays without overspending:

  • Recycle old decorations. You don’t need to change your holiday decorations every year. In fact, you can reuse your old decorations every year in order to save money. If you are looking for a specific theme, mix and match your decorations or repurpose them from previous themes, so you don’t have to buy everything new each year.
  • Make your own decorations using recycled items. Not only are they money-saving, but DIY decorations often become your most memorable and treasured decorations due to the personal nature of them and the time spent with your loved ones while creating them.
  • Use natural materials for decorations. Instead of buying new decorations, look for natural items outside your house like twigs, pine cones, and foliage that you can use to adorn your home. Add ribbons and candles to the mix to create the perfect holiday centerpiece.
  • Decorate at least one thing in every room. You don’t need to decorate every nook inside your house – just find a place in each room to add something decorative so the holiday spirit is spread throughout your entire home. For instance, have your main decorated Christmas tree in your living room and then decorate the wall in your hallway. Adorn the sides of your kitchen island and hang something festive in the windows of your bedroom.
  • Decorate with function. Rather than using only decorative items, also make use of functional things for decorations. During the holiday season, use colorful plates and glasses on your table. You can also add colorful bowls or decorative candles on your consoles.

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