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Holiday Lights: Safety Tips for Your Home

December 21, 2015


Christmas is just around the corner, and many homes have adorned themselves with colorful lights. It’s fun to see holiday lights around town and in our own homes; however, no matter how much we love them, it is important to always remember safety while enjoying them.

Below are some safety tips for having Christmas lights in your home:

  • Keep holiday candles away from your tree or anything flammable. Candles are lovely accents to our home but these can easily cause fire. Make sure that these are away from anything that can be burned easily.
  • Turn off holiday lights when you go to bed. Do not leave them lit all night because you are not awake to watch them in case something goes wrong. House fires spread quickly, and you do not want a fire begin while you are sleeping.
  • Always inspect lights for signs of damage. If there are cords that have been broken or cracked, or if there are bulbs that are damaged, replace them with new ones.
  • Replace any bulbs that have burned out. This will prevent possible overheating.
  • Follow instructions carefully. Different lights have different instructions, so read them first before installing them in or on your house.
  • Only install in safe places. Some places in your home are too hazardous for hanging holiday lights. Make sure that there are no potential hazard around where you are hanging lights, like fireplaces or space heaters. Also use care when hanging lights in high or hard to reach places – be sure someone is with you, so you have someone who can help you in case you fall or hurt yourself.
  • Use extension cords properly. Do not overload them, as this will lead to overheating and possible sparks.
  • Never let your children play with holiday lights. Just like with fire and candles, your kids should not touch holiday lights and or plug them into electrical sockets by themselves. Teach them to look, but not touch.
  • Avoid running cords under rugs or furniture. As much as possible, do not let cords run through the middle of your rooms either. Keep them concentrated around the sides where, where they will not trip anyone or overheat flammable items around them.
  • Switch to LED lights. They use less energy and still offer you all the color options of traditional lights.

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