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How to Fix an Icy Driveway

January 20, 2016

How to Fix an Icy Driveway

With winter weather comes the pile up of snow and ice on the streets and in your driveway.  Sometimes, it can be very difficult to get your car out of the garage, let alone into the road, without slipping and sliding into things.

Here are some helpful tips for de-icing your driveway:

  • Spray alcohol on the icy parts. Alcohol contains several ingredients that are used in deicers. If you put alcohol on ice it will gradually melt it due to its low freezing point. Combine two parts alcohol with one part warm water in a spray bottle.
  • Use an electric snow blower. This is the easiest way to plow through snow, and it makes the job a lot faster. Electric snow blowers are also more efficient that gas options because they produce less air and noise.
  • Use a vinegar solution. Three parts vinegar and one part water will create a solution that can melt ice. Pour the solution on your driveway or even on your car. Not only will it melt ice, but it will also prevent ice from forming on your car prior to a storm.
  • Scatter sand across your driveway. Sand is not a deicer, but it adds grip to your driveway and causes more friction, making it less likely that your tires will slide. You can also use birdseed if you don’t have sand on hand.
  • Wear proper shoes. Even if you are not driving your car, you need to be careful not to slip or fall when you’re walking around your driveway. Wear sturdy boots with ridged bottoms that will give you better traction.
  • Sprinkle salt, but keep it away from your plants. Salt is great for preventing ice, but keep it away from your perennial plants because it can kill them. plants. If you use salt, sprinkle handfuls at a time to control where it is disbursed.
  • Shovel your snow. This is the most traditional way to clear snow, but also the most tedious and challenging. If you cannot do this on your own, and it doesn’t look like the snow will be melting anytime soon on its own, hire someone to do it.

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