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Animal Survival Rates Improving in Oklahoma City Animal Shelters

January 29, 2016

Animal Survival Rates Improving in Oklahoma City Animal Shelters

Stray animals who have been abandoned and are living on the streets often suffer from malnutrition and untreated medical conditions. When they are taken to animal shelters, they are given care to bring them to a healthier state to make them available for adoption.

There Oklahoma City Animal Shelter took in more than 26,000 animals in 2015. Based on their annual evaluation, more than 70 percent of the animals stayed alive in the shelter, a 2 percent increase from 2014. Looking back to previous years, the increase is huge. Just 15 years ago, the survival rate was only 25 percent.

According to the Animal Shelter, they have been working with several organizations that offer better welfare for the animals, including the Central OK Humane Society. The Society ships animals to other humane society organizations throughout the country for adoption. This way, more animals can find their forever home without geography being a restriction.

The shelter itself is also hosting more adoption events in the city, especially for bigger dogs. More people are coming in for pet adoption, as the shelter offers a free spay and neuter clinic. Animals are also living a cleaner lifestyle with new, easy-to-maintain kennels at the shelter.

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