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10 Essentials Every Bathroom Needs

February 9, 2016

10 Essentials Every Bathroom Needs

Your bathroom is one of the most regularly used rooms of the house. For that reason, it needs to be well equipped. While making your bathroom a magazine-worthy picture of perfection may be unrealistic, having all the essentials is what matters most to keep it a functional, pleasant environment.

What are the bathroom essentials every bathroom should have?

  • People are constantly using the restroom, putting on makeup, getting ready, getting dressed and undressed…you need somewhere to put trash that may emerge, so that the bathroom stays clean and sanitary.
  • Good lighting. Proper lighting helps you see clearly. Whether you are taking a shower or putting on makeup, it helps prevents accidents to have a well-illuminated bathroom.
  • Bathroom cleaners. The more conveniently located cleaners are, the more likely they are to be used. So, keep your bathroom cleaning materials directly in the bathroom if possible. A toilet bowl cleaner and brush are the most essential.
  • Medicine cabinet. Store your medicine and other first-aid essentials inside a medicine cabinet. It will not only organize everything in one place, but it will also protect these from water spills and germs.
  • Exhaust fan. Do you find that your bathroom smells like mildew? Are you noticing mold growth in corners? If so, that is because there is no proper ventilation. You need a reliable exhaust fan that will dry up excess moisture to prevent mold and mildew from forming.
  • A window. While this may not be possible with every home design, having a bathroom window is not only a lovely addition, but it also brings in natural light and helps to properly ventilate the room.
  • Towels and towel racks. Keep your towels close to where you take a bath or shower and nearby your bathroom sink. Towel racks keep your floor clean and prevent mildew smells by allowing your towels to dry properly when they’re wet.
  • You need somewhere to store fresh towels and extra bathroom essentials.
  • Floor mat. Make sure it is anti-slip, so you don’t fall down when you’re getting out of the shower. In front of your bathtub or shower is the most important place to have a floor mat. Other areas are in front of your vanity and in front of the toilet.

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