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Effective Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Septic Tank

May 2, 2016

Effective Ways to Maintain Your Home's Septic Tank

Septic tanks serve collect the water waste produced by a home. As long as the system is properly installed, it collects and disposes of your waste, so it does not back up and clog the systems in your house. In order for your septic tank to function properly, however, it requires regular maintenance.

Here are some helpful ways you can maintain your septic tank at home:

  • Have your tank thoroughly inspected every three years. This will enable you to detect any problems and fix them right away, so they do not develop into major issues.
  • Avoid flushing products down your toilet and drainage systems that can clog your septic pipes. These include feminine products, paper towels, plastics, bones, oils, fats, and dental floss.
  • Know where your septic tank is located. Your common knowledge of the location of your septic tank can save you a lot of trouble. Avoid planting trees or shrubs above your septic tank or parking your car over it.
  • Pump your tank every 3 years. This will ensure that any buildups are cleared, so they don’t cause back ups in your system.
  • Never dump chemicals into your septic tank. They will damage your septic system and may create a bigger problem. Harsh chemical include paints, gasoline, kerosene, and pesticides.
  • Conserve water. Don’t be wasteful with your water usage. Not only will it waste water, it will also overwork your septic tank and cause it to fill up to quickly. This will increase the risk of system failure.
  • Avoid putting your rainwater drainage system near your septic tank. You do not want rainwater to flood your septic tank.

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