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Tips for Choosing the Right Area Rug for a Room

May 5, 2016

Tips for Choosing the Right Area Rug for a Room

There are many reasons why people love to put area rugs in their living rooms. The color and design of the rug can create an elegant atmosphere even in the most minimally decorated living room. The biggest thing when purchasing an area rug is to consider several key elements to ensure you are choosing the right rug for the space.

How do you choose the right area rug? Here are some tips:

  • Measure your space first. There are different sizes of rugs that are better for different sizes of room. Measuring your space will enable you to determine the right size of your rug. Your furniture should not float, especially in bigger rooms, so a bigger rug is ideal.
  • Choose a color that matches your space. Don’t just throw in a colorful rug without fully considering its impact. Look around and evaluate your room first. Sort out what colors will complement the overall tone of your room and revolve your options around these hues.
  • Add layers. If you really love that rug you saw yesterday but it seemed to thin, add layers on it. You can place another thick rug underneath it to create a layer despite the thinness of your chosen rug.
  • Know its overall function. You will find that some rugs are beautiful, but delicate, while others are simple, but durable. Depending on who will be using the room, make sure your rug fits the job description. Add a durable rug that is easy to clean if kids will be around more often.
  • Experiment with colors and textures. Go out of your comfort zone and choose bold colors. Don’t just settle for the norm. The change of color and design will totally refresh your living space. Just make sure the color and texture still complement the room overall.

Add a rug pad underneath woven rugs. This will prevent slipping and sliding.

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