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Maintenance Tips for Your Garden Tools

July 14, 2016

Maintenance Tips for Your Garden Tools

Having a garden can bring life and beauty to your property. With colorful flowers in bloom and the lush greenery everywhere, it creates a positive vibe that adds permanent cheer to your home.

In order to maintain a beautiful garden, however, you need to have the right kind of garden tools. Beyond that, it is also important for you to take care of your tools, so they stay in good working order, and you don’t have to waste money buying new ones every year.

Below are some tips for properly maintaining your garden tools:

  • Clean your tools after each use. Wipe off the dirt and soil from your tools before storing them away. Wash them off with clean water and make sure they are fully dry before you store them to prevent mold formation.
  • Sharpen your cutting tools. It’s frustrating to try to prune plants with dull tools. Maintain sharp edges on your tools, so they will work more easily and effectively when you garden.
  • Wipe off metal parts with a clean, dry rag. This will properly dry your metal tools and prevent rust from forming.
  • Store your tools in their proper place. Do not just throw them inside your shed or garage. Proper storage can also help lengthen the service life of your tools as storages can protect them from being broken or damage.
  • Clean your tools thoroughly when coming in contact with chemicals. If you have used pesticides or fertilizers that contain harsh chemicals, clean your tools thoroughly with detergent and water to properly remove the chemicals. This will also prevent rust from forming on your metal tools.
  • Remove germs. Avoid catching rashes or spreading bacteria via your garden tools by soaking them in a water and alcohol solution for a few minutes after you use them.

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