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Dinner Meals for High School Students Proposed in OKC

August 12, 2016

group of cheerful high school students portrait

There are times when high school students are required to stay in school after class hours. Football practices, club meetings, school projects, and other school-related activities are some of the reasons why many students are still at school until 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening. Though it may seem like a normal thing in schools, one of the ripple effects is that it means students are staying late on an empty stomach.

Having meals available for dinner can make a big difference for high school students involved in after-school activities. Whenever they need to stay late, they can still have a balanced diet at the right time without having to wait until they get home to eat.

That’s the concept driving the Grab-and-Go Suppers programs. The program was proposed to the school board of Oklahoma City Public Schools this week and would provide dinner meal options for high schools throughout the district.

According to Chief of Capital Projects and IT Scott Randall, the meals will be offered free of charge as a pilot program. A handful of high schools would participate on a pilot basis with a select cross-section of high school students participating. If the pilot program is successful, the program would be included in all district high schools throughout the city.

The program will also hopefully fill a gap for underprivileged students, some of whom only eat when they are at school due to a lack of family resources.

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