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Preparing Your Home for a New Pet

August 16, 2016

Preparing Your Home for a New Pet

Having a new member of the family inside the house is exciting! As the saying goes, “The more the merrier!” when it comes to adding more love to a household. Bringing home a new pet is like welcoming a new member to the family, and just as you would with a baby, you must prepare for their arrival in advance.

Before your pet arrives, you need to make sure that everything is in order to make them feel comfortable and keep your household organized and under control. How do you prepare your home for a new pet? Here are a few tips:

  • Prepare all the supplies your pet will need. For instance, your new dog will need a leash, water bowl, food bowl, and a collar. Cats will need their litter boxes and water and food bowl as well. For birds, make sure they have secure cages. For hampsters and gerbils, you’ll need a cage, cedar chips, and an exercise wheel.
  • Give your pet time to adjust. Have a place where your new pet can stay for a few hours and feel safe as they get adjusted to their new environment. It can be a comfy corner or a cozy crate. Make sure it has enough space so they can relax.
  • Have all food and water ready. Your pet may be hungry or thirsty upon arriving, so buy their food ahead of time.
  • Set a schedule of responsibilities for the family. Who will take them out? Who will feed them at certain times? Who will bathe them? These are important responsibilities, and they should be clarified, so that the pet remains well cared for and everyone can be involved.
  • Pet proof your home. This is especially important for families who will be welcoming a new pet for the first time. Your home may not be properly prepared for your pets when it comes to safety and comfort. Make sure cords and clutter are not lying around, and make sure all medicines and cleaning products are secured in cabinets that cannot be easily opened.
  • Plan vet appointments. Find a good vet to take good care of your new pet. Set an appointment after a few days for initial checkups, any vaccines they may need, and spaying or neutering.

Make a home for your pet. Your new pet needs to have his or her own place. Even if you have other pets at home, your new pet will need to have their own bed and/or crate to give them their own personal space as a comfortable refuge.

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