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Home Tips for Earthquake Safety

September 16, 2016


You only have to feel tremors inside your home once to know how eerie earthquakes can be. Earthquakes should not be taken lightly, and although there’s nothing we can do to prevent them, with proper preparation and knowledge, we CAN help minimize damage and safety risks.

There is no warning as to when earthquakes can happen. They can occur any time day or night and be quite shocking. So, below are some helpful tips on how you can make your home earthquake safe:

  • Make sure your home foundation is strong enough to withstand earthquakes. This is especially applicable to when you build a home or add an extension. With existing structures, while you may not have control over how it was originally build, you can check your home exterior regularly and do proper maintenance and repairs to keep it in good condition.
  • Avoid putting heavy items on top shelves or cabinets. These are the first things that will fall and cause damage during an earthquake.
  • Always have an emergency kit on hand. In case of natural disasters, emergency kits can be a lifesaver. Make sure it includes water, non-perishable foods, extra money, and important medicine.
  • Bolt your cabinets on the wall. This is an especially good idea if they are constructed with less sturdy materials. When intense shaking happens, cabinets and shelves can fall down….along with everything on them.
  • Have an earthquake-safe spot inside the house. For instance, you can run to the corner of your kitchen and hide under the table during earthquake. Or, position yourself inside a doorframe. Have a plan.
  • Install latches on your cabinets. This will prevent the doors from opening and spilling out the contents.
  • Secure major appliances. Install bracing kits on your water heater and refrigerator. This will prevent them from shaking too hard or even falling down during an earthquake.
  • Add anti-skid pads on your electronics and small appliances. Shaking can cause them to move around, but with anti-skid pads, their movement will be minimized.

Have an emergency earthquake plan. Sit down with your family and establish a plan of action in the event an earthquake occurs. Where should you go, what should you do, and which emergency phone numbers should you know?

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