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How to Start Practicing Recycling at Home

September 21, 2016


The benefits of recycling are widely known, and many people have incorporated recycling into their daily lifestyles. In addition to separating plastic, glass, and aluminum items into a separate disposal bin for recycling, many people look for ways to repurpose things that can still be used. For instance, old furniture can be repainted and redecorated to be used again for another purpose. Old jars can be repurposed as storage containers.

There is no reason why you cannot do these things in your own home. There is no need for expensive tools, and in fact, it can be fun. Here are a few easy tips to get started:

  • Prepare yourself mentally for the practice of recycling. Switching your routine can feel a bit tedious and inconvenient at first, but that’s only because it is a new practice that takes time to become a habit. Familiarize with what can be recycled and how, so you’ll know how to approach it. If you find yourself throwing things away that could be recycled, mentally remind yourself of the many benefits of recycling, and why it’s important to do so.
  • Start organizing your home. You can start by de-cluttering your house. Clean each room and identify items that you no longer need or use. You can set them aside or categorize your things, so you can identify which items to recycle.
  • Have a recycling bin or box. You need a separate container in which to put your recycling, so it doesn’t mix with regular trash. It keeps things contained and avoids clutter from spreading throughout your house. It also makes it easier to recycle, when there’s one place to take things every time.
  • Work out a plan. When it comes to repurposing, once you have identified which items you can reuse, create a plan of action. Begin with what you can use at home. If you have old boxes at home and you need extra storage for toys, repurpose the boxes into a toy chest and kill two birds with one stone.
  • Ask for help. Don’t tackle this project alone. Remember, recycling can benefit not just you, but the entire household. So, enlist family members to participate in recycling with you. Teach them the benefits and explain the reasons why it is important to recycle. Everyone needs to be on the same page in order for recycling to be successful.

Know when to donate and when to DIY. While there are some things you can repurpose, there are others that simply have no more life or may be too large to fit in your normal recycling bin. Look for recycling centers in your area where you can drop your items off if they cannot be picked up curbside.

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