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Picking the Right Colors for Your Home

January 11, 2017


Setting the right colors for your home can do more than just making it look beautiful. Colors are personal preferences, and no matter what colors you choose, they speak to your personality. Those who prefer a clean and simple lifestyle often choose neutral, lighter colors, while people who prefer more complexity tend to go for bolder, more colorful hues.

Picking the right colors for your home may seem exciting, but it can be daunting as well.  Your final decision can make or break your results in the end, so choosing a color should be approached with care.

To help you pick the right colors for your home, here are a few tips:

  • Identify the personality you want your home to have. Are you aiming for a grand interior? Or, perhaps you want a simple and minimalistic lifestyle? Do you like a variety of colors? Do you want it bright and warm or dark and mysterious?
  • Consider all rooms. You may want a bold living room, but that concept may not work for your dining area also. When choosing your color theme, make sure that it can complement the overall ambience of your house and blend with the other rooms. Keep this general concept in mind from the beginning, then you can play with specifics later.
  • Study the color wheel. Most people are limited to only a certain number of colors they’ve seen before. But, be willing to explore and discover the huge variety of colors you can consider. Before finalizing your decision, learn more about colors, what they mean, and how they blend. If feng shui is a priority for you, study the color meanings within that philosophy as well.
  • Understand and apply the 60-30-10-rule. This rule applies to all interior decorating. Sixty percent should be the dominant color, 30 percent should be a secondary color, and 10 percent should be an additional accent color. Dominant colors are on the walls and floors. Secondary colors apply to upholstery, curtains, etc. Accent colors are for accessories.
  • Play with contrasts. When choosing a color theme, you don’t have to stick only to hues within the same color family. Go beyond and consider contrasting colors. These can accent your home in a fun way.
  • Limit your color to three. Do not overdo your color patterns, even if you want your house to be colorful and cheerful. Stick to three and play around with them in creative, diverse ways.

Seek help. Read articles and blogs from experts online. Contact a professional designer if you have specific questions. There are lots of resources out there to help you with the most basic to the most custom questions.

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