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Preparing Your Home Garden for Spring Planting

February 21, 2017


The time for flowers to begin blooming and greenery to start to push its way out from the soil is upon us – yes, Spring is nearly here! Little buds will gradually turn into beautiful blooms while bees and butterflies start to make their way from one plant to another.

Indeed, Spring is a lovely time for gardening and many home owners desire to have a spring garden one of their own.

In order to create your own backyard paradise this spring season, it is time to start preparing your garden, now. Proper preparation will help improve your soil and plants and make sure your garden blooms all season long. Here are a few tips to help get you and your garden ready:

  • Start planting your garden. Know what seeds to plant and begin creating a plan. Envision how you want your garden to look. A little planning will help you buy in bulk and save money on plant and flower discounts as they arise.
  • Clear off your flowerbed. Remove weeds, dead leaves, twigs and other obstacles that may not be beneficial to your plants. Clear off from the top, and for an extra boost – aerate a few inches of the soil.
  • Collect your garden tools. It helps to have everything you need by the time you need to start. Begin to collect whatever tools you may need to plant so you can work on your garden when the time comes, instead of spending the time hunting for that spade you used last year.
  • Plant indoors. Prepare your seeds by planting them in a small planter and storing them indoors. When it is time to plant on your garden, you can easily transfer these small sprouts.
  • Hunt for pests. These are major plant eaters and will feast on your plants before you start seeing them bloom. Hunt them down on your soil and get rid of these pests before planting.
  • Begin working on your compost. This is important to help fertilize your soil and keep your plants thriving. Don’t throw it away if you can compost it!

Fix your garden gates and structures. Make sure your trellis are properly supported and in good shape. Add fences as well to protect your plants from small animals or being trampled. It’s difficult for plants to grow if they have no direction or protection.

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