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Keeping Your Bathroom Safe for the Children

March 6, 2017


Safety is an upmost priority when it comes to our children. We do not want them getting injured or suffering pain in anyway! Therefore, inside the house, we always want to make sure that everything is secured so our kids can explore the house without us worrying.

One commonly overlooked safety concern in the home, is the bathroom. From slick floors and walls to slippery shampoos and bottles laying around – the bathroom can be a hazardous space for our little ones. So, how do you keep your bathroom safe for your children? Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind!

  • Keep it dry. Decrease the risk of slip and sliding inside the bathroom due to the wet floor. Dry any water spills as soon as they happen, and keep some non-slip rugs and mats in and around the tub/shower.
  • Supervise your little ones when inside the bathroom. Always accompany them, or have their older siblings stay with them. This will assist the little ones when they have to do their business to not risk any accident when they are alone.
  • Ventilate the room. Mold is not your friend! It is important that air is properly circulated inside the bathroom so you can reduce the risk of growing unwanted bacteria and mold. Make sure you have either a small window to open to let moist air out or install an exhaust fan for proper ventilation.
  • Store medicines and cleaners properly. Do not allow these things to lie around as kids can become curious and get their hands on them. Medicines should be stored inside the medicine cabinet above the sink.
  • Maintain the water temperature. Regulate your water temperature so as not to risk scalding. Check the water yourself – and teach older children how to check the water for their siblings too. A little preparation and education will go a long way on this one.
  • Unplug and store properly electronic devices. If you have a hair dryer, electric shaver or other electronics in the bathroom, do not leave them plugged. Unplug after use and store in a safe place so kids will not get their hands on them unsupervised.
  • Install good lighting. Make the place bright so your family can see where they are going. Keeping a light-sensitive nightlight in the bathroom is not only beneficial for finding your way around at night, but it will also help your children should they need to use the restroom when everyone is asleep.


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