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How to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

April 5, 2017

Presentation is everything in a home. Whether you are selling or just having friends or family over, your home is your sanctuary and should reflect your style. Creating a more elegant look for their home is something many people desire – whileit may involve a few expensive items, in reality you don’t need to go all out. Mixing “highs” and “lows” works beautifully when it comes to decorating.

How do you convert your living room into a moreelegant and glamorousroom? Here are a few tricks you can follow:

  • Make it simple. Too many decorations do not automatically mean luxury; it only means clutter. Simplify your decorations by having a few timeless pieces to decorate and functional items to add in your living room.
  • Choose a central theme. This can restrict you from venturing into decorations that do not easily work with the others. You can have a monochromatic theme or any personalized niche you want to feature for your guests.
  • Work with 2 to 3 color pallets. You can use different shades of color but limit your colors so as not to create a clutter of hues. Refer to the color wheels for combinations, or you can flip through any classic home decor magazines for trendy color combinations that will inspire you for your living room.
  • Pick out an elegant centerpiece. It can be a huge work of art on the wall, a wooden coffee table, your multi-functional TV stand or a beautiful couch. You can have 1 or 2 centerpieces in your living room for conversation pieces or something that will lead the perspective.
  • Be mindful of the small things. Carefully choose the style and color of the things you put in your living room. For instance, you can choose a good side table to go with your couch, as long as it complements in color and shape. Even your lamp can make or break an area of your living room if not chosen well.
  • Create a warm ambiance. Your living room needs to be inviting and pleasant. Make the room warm by opening the windows for natural light to come in or decorating with indoor plants for a more vibrant “living” interior.
  • Choose light colors for your wall. This will also add to the warmth and appeal of your living room. Work around with only 1 to 2 paint colors. Avoid too bold or risky colors. Stick with the classics.
  • Invest in a good rug. Make sure you have a decent quality rug on the floor. Choose a color and design that complements the overall theme of your room.

Dress your couch. Add textured throw pillows to make it look more elegant.


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