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Practical Tips in Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home

May 8, 2017

It happens all at once it seems – one day you look under your sink, in your tub, or even on your bathroom ceiling! The dark green and black fungi has set up shop and you know – where there is one, there must be more. Yes, we’re talking about mold!Mold grows all too easily, especially in places where there is high moisture in the air. Aside from the fact that molds look unappealing and dirty, they can also cause health concerns such as respiratory diseases, irritation and allergies.

Tackling mold as it grows is just a good practice to introduce at home. But, remember that prevention is always better than cure. So, why not prevent mold growth instead of waiting for it to grow before you address the issue?

Preventing mold growth can better protect the health of your family since there are no spores, even to the smallest level, that can harm your health. In addition, there will be no marks left by old molds on your things, thus keeping your property looking its best.

How do you prevent mold growth? Here are a few things you can do at home:

  • Ventilate your bathroom. This is the highest at risk place for mold growth. Since your bathroom is always humid and wet, mold can easily grow in certain areas. Ventilation can help dry out the place after you use your bathroom. Install an exhausted fan and open the windows to let the air in and the steam out.
  • Store your firewood outside. Freshly cut woods contain high levels of moisture thus encouraging mold growth. To prevent mold from contaminating your indoorenvironment, store your firewood in your shed or any dry place outside your home.
  • Dry wet rags and linens outside. Instead of drying your damp kitchen linens inside, dry them out thoroughly so these will not retain moisture for a long period of time and prevent mold growth. Even a little moisture cause problems if stored in your linen closet before fully dried.
  • Install a dehumidifier. Especially if you have had a lot of rain or live in a traditionally humid environment – one is recommended in your kitchen and other high-moisture areas like your bathroom. Dehumidifiers can regulate air moisture and condensation so your kitchen and other parts of the house stay dry and mold free.
  • Seal grouts. Otherwise, water will hold for a longer period of time and staining your grout. The retention of water can encourage mold to grow fast. Seal your grout to protect it. Reseal if you have done it before. Trust us, it’s time. Tiles is highly porous and will easily retain water if unsealed.

Fix plumbing problems. Even small leaks and other plumbing concerns can build up moisture and encourage mold. Fix the problem immediately!

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