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From Basement to Playroom: How do You Transform a Basement into a Kid’s Playroom

September 4, 2012

Having kids in your home can be a lot of fun. As much as we want to be with them at all times and enjoy every moment with them, they also need time and space to play on their own… and it can be a nice reprieve for parents as well!

A playroom inside the house is not your living room or even your home office as they can sometimes get a little wild and end up ruining things, or at the very least unorganizing your belongings and making a mess that has to be cleaned up. To avoid these scenarios, what you need to give them is a playroom of their own.

If you do not already have a designated room for them to play in, you can use your basement as their own fun room! Having a basement for their playroom provides a good use for that extra space in the house, plus it livens the place up, compared to leaving it cold, dark and only for storage. With the right lighting, carpeted floors, some repainting and a little added storage, you can transform your old basement to something more cheery and safe that your kids will love!

Before grabbing those hammers and nails, the first thing you want to do is to plan how your playroom will look. First, start with the floor. Carpeted floors are necessary in a playroom as kids can sometimes jump up and down and run around without any care if they fall down or bump into things. A little added protection here will go a long way.

Measure your floors to install carpet. You may want to hire someone to measure it accurately for you. In addition, try to identify where you want your playroom to be in your basement and if you want the entire floors to be fully carpeted or just a portion of it. That way, you will only have to purchase carpet specifically for your designated area.

Next, work on the walls. It is important to repaint the walls to add more color to your kid’s playroom. Check also if there is any damage to your walls and have them repaired prior to painting. Most importantly, use low-VOC paints so these are safe on your kids.

Now that the floors and walls are done, check the ceiling. You can repaint your ceiling to match with your floor and your walls. Then, add some attractive lighting for your kids playroom.

Finally you can work on storage and furniture. A good thing to remember is to use multi-functional furniture. Use a bench for sitting with storage underneath it for toys and clothes. You may also want to use built-in cabinets to avoid placing large cabinets and shelves in your playroom which could tip and fall if your child climbed on them. Keep your furniture colorful and cheerful and you can almost guarantee your kids will enjoy their new space!

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor




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